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Active Saskatchewan
is the network of individuals and organizations focused on working together to create a province where physical activity is the cultural norm. Our flagship program is Saskatchewan in motion.

2018/19 Annual Report 

2018/19 Draft Financial Statement

Board of Directors
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A message from our president

On behalf of the Active Saskatchewan Board of Directors, I am pleased to present the 2018-19 Active Saskatchewan Annual Report. 

It is a pleasure to serve as president during this very exciting time for Active Saskatchewan and for physical activity in Canada. In May 2018, the World Health Organization declared physical activity to be the 4th leading risk factor for global mortality and released a global action plan “More Active People for a Healthier World”. In response Federal, Provincial/Territorial ministers responsible for physical activity in Canada launched “Lets Get Moving: A Common Vision to increase Physical activity and Reduce Sedentary Living in Canada”.

Over the past year, the Active Saskatchewan Board of Directors has invested energy to develop a new strategic plan that is aligned to the Common Vision and identified an action plan designed to increase our collective efforts here in Saskatchewan.

I would like to thank the Community Initiatives Fund, Saskatchewan Blue Cross and Saskatchewan Lotteries for investing in this important work. Thank you to our members and partners who continue to enthusiastically contribute to a strong Saskatchewan physical activity story. Thank you to my colleagues on the Board of Directors for your wisdom, guidance and commitment to our organization, and to our team of staff for your passion and hard work over the past year.

In the months ahead we will be hosting many opportunities to come together to continue to build on opportunities that will strengthen our collective efforts.

Together we can define our province as a place where people move more and sit less.

Respectfully submitted by:
Dr. Louise Humbert, Active Saskatchewan President

Strategic Plan

The 2019-2022 Active Saskatchewan Strategic Plan will guide the organization toward inspiring a province where physical activity is a cultural norm.