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New resources, new sidewalks and more in Assiniboia

Assiniboia started the Community Action Process in 2015 and the community’s been busy. Here’s what they’ve been up to:

  • established a multi-activity sign-up/used equipment sale night in the fall
  • hired dedicated recreation director and public works employee
  • approved critical sidewalks to significantly improve connectivity between schools and crosswalks

 What’s next?

  • The town is revamping its communication strategy so that local stakeholders can work together. Residents will soon have the option to receive all community information via a digital monthly calendar or mail out.
  •  Assiniboia in motion is working to arrange child care for moms who want to get physical activity in the community.
  • The community is discussing the potential for a walking path.
  •  A dog park will open this spring thanks to Ashley Burnay who saw a need and took initiative to get one in Assiniboia.

Get involved - Want to learn more about Assiniboia in motion is up to? Want to get involved? Contact Janna Zalinko - .

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