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Advocacy is action!

It's speaking out to support a cause, policy or idea that you believe in. It's an agent for change. Less than 15% of Saskatchewan children and youth get the 60 minutes of daily physical activity they need. If you are not ok with that, then it’s time to advocate!



Teachers inspire strong minds… help inspire strong bodies!

5 easy ways to get started:

Community Leaders

Make your vision of a healthy active community a reality.

5 easy ways to get started:


Active kids – active families. Experience the fun together.

5 easy ways to get started:

  • Join the movement...Get Started
  • Learn how one Sask family increased physical activity...Get Started
  • Make your own family idea jar...Get Started
  • Turn it off and take it outside - decrease screen time...Get Started
  • Map out a safe route for your kids to walk to school...Get Started

Municipal Leaders

Strong leadership is the link to success.

5 easy ways to get started: