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Inspiring kids and families to move in Lloydminster

What we've been up to:

  • A community champion committed to promoting active transportation organized a Ride with the Mayor event and a screening of the documentary, 'Why We Cycle'. One person can make a difference - and the conversation about using active transportation is ongoing!
  • A subsidized exercise program has been continously running for 12+ years at the same school - and at a minimal cost!
  • The trail signs are an asset that is appreciated by the community. Grateful that the City includes the trail information in the community guide because of their strong partnerships. 
  • School Travel Planning Committee's work has ensured partnership and have representatives from both school divisions in the community. Together, they continue to improve active transportation options. 
  • Happy with the impact social media messages (regarding physical activity opportunities and more) have had on the community. 
  • We held a focus group November 28 2019. At this session, we discussed physical activity in the area and what we can collectively do to get Saskatchewan moving more and sitting less. 

What's next?

  • Hosting a subsidized exercise program (2 fitness/yoga classes a month from January to March 2020, which cost $2/class). These community classes promote physical activity for all ages and they hope it will flourish like the program that was started 12 years ago!
  • Refreshing their social media messages and presence through the different platforms by adding voice soundbites through them (i.e., conversations/audio soundbites with community members). 
  • Continuing to promote active transportation and building on the sucess and conversations from 2019

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