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Outlook part of physical literacy pilot

Saskatchewan in motion and the Partners for Physical Literacy are working with a local team in Outlook to develop a specific plan for getting kids moving more and increasing physical literacy at home, at school and in the community.

What’s physical literacy? It’s the confidence, competence and motivation to move and one of the keys to a lifelong love of physical activity. Learn more about physical literacy, why it matters and what you can do, here.

What we’ve been up to:

  • Saskatchewan in motion collected information through an online survey, focus groups and one-on-one meetings.
  • We held a gathering November 28 to bring the community together. About a dozen local leaders attended the Moving Together Symposium to  explore opportunities and identify practical local actions that will get kids moving more and increase physical literacy. Saskatchewan in motion is compiling the results of the session.
  • We held an action planning meeting March 27. At the session, we set priorities based on the results of the Moving Together Symposium, set objectives for each, and started to identify who would be involved in each action. 

What’s next? 

  • We're planning follow up meetings with additional stakeholders, including teachers and students who couldn't join us at the symposium to incorporate their views into the mix. 

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Our #GOAP2019 results

Outlook finished 25th in this year's Saskatchewan Blue Cross Go Out & Play Challenge with 50,851 active minutes logged.  A big shout out to everyone who walked, ran, played and exercised during the 10-day challenge. Keep up the momentum! Let's get our kids moving more every day. 

Want to get involved?  Interested in learning more about what’s happening in Outlook? Want to get involved? Contact: Jordy Jones -

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