OUTside Rocks! FAQs

What is OutsideRocks?
We were inspired by the popular Kindness Rocks movement to do something that would get kids and families outside having fun all across the province. The concept is simple. Paint rocks and hide them around town for others to find. If you find a rock, take a picture and post it on the OutsideRocks! Facebook group and then hide it again for others to find.

What do I do with rocks I find?
First, take a picture and post it to the Facebook group indicated on the back of the rock. People who paint rocks love to see where they end up. Our group is OUTside Rocks! People generally rehide most of the rocks they find. If you come across a rock that really speaks to you, feel free to keep it.

Why are you doing this?
We’re always looking for ways to get kids and families out to play. When we came across the Kindness Rocks trend, it seemed like a perfect fit for us. “Ralking” helps bring a smile to someone’s day, spreads kindness, and get kids and families out. It gives people a reason to spend time in nature, away from screens, exploring local parks, trails and neighbourhoods.

Can I get my school involved?
Absolutely! The more the merrier. Several schools around the province already participate in painting and hiding rocks. Teachers say painting rocks is a calming activity, while hiding and finding rocks gets kids moving outside. 

Where can I find a local rock painting group?
You can find a list of Saskatchewan rock painting Facebook groups here. If you’re aware of a group we don’t have listed, please let us know. Don’t forget to join our OUTside Rocks! group for starters.

Who can take part?
Anyone! A lot of schools get involved, painting and hiding rocks. There are also community groups and individuals who enjoy the activity. Anyone can paint rocks and go ralking. We’d like you to join our Facebook group OutsideRocks! so that people can see where their rocks have travelled and we can keep tabs on all the fun, but it’s not required.

Do I have to hide a rock I find?
Most people hide the rocks they find in another spot, but keep the odd special one. Some people even take the rocks they find to another community to hide them.

How do I get OUTside Rocks! started in my community. 
The school is a great place to start. A lot of them are aware of the Kindness Rocks movement (if not already participating), so they would understand what OUTside Rocks! is all about. If you want to keep it simple, just start by painting and hiding a few rocks. Use the back of the rock to send people to our OutsideRocks! Facebook group, so they can see what we're up to and you can track your rock’s journey.

I’m not artist.
You don’t have to be! There’s a lot of great information online about easy ways to decorate rocks that don’t require any artistic talent. You can decorate your rock with colourful text, a pattern of dots or a simple design. Check out some of the links we've shared. 

Is it OK to glue things to rocks?
Never glue any embellishments on rocks you plan to hide. Decorations like sequins, buttons or chunky glitter could be swallowed by a bird, small animal or young child that finds your rock.

What do I put on the back of my rocks?
Use the back of your rock to direct people to OUTside Rocks! so they can post a picture of their find and you can track your rocks’ travels. You can paint or write the information or attach one of the labels we’ve created.  

Where can I hide my rocks?
Parks, trails and walking paths are great hiding spots. Painted rocks aren’t allowed in provincial or national parks. Don’t hide on private property without asking first and make sure your rock isn’t in a spot that might damage a lawn mower. 

Can we hide rocks in winter?
People tend to hide rocks less frequently in winter, for obvious reasons. Here in Saskatchewan they’re likely to be covered in snow. Some people do hide rocks indoors, but make sure you ask permission first. If you find a spot that lets your rock shine through, go for it!

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