Hello to New Adventures!

On March 31, 2021 the Saskatchewan in motion provincial office will close and our small but mighty staff will be off to new adventures! Before we go, we’d love to celebrate the last 18 years with you.


Please join us on Zoom Tuesday, March 23 from 12 – 1:30 p.m. for a virtual celebration, some announcements and a visit from our good friend Mark Fenton to get everyone charged up about what’s next.


Register here


Virtual Flash Mob – Our celebration wouldn’t be complete without YOU. Don’t miss out on our virtual flash mob!


Here’s how you can participate. It’s quick and easy! And we promise treats for everyone who participates.


  1. Make two signs at least 8.5 X 11.” One with large print that says MORE and a second sign that says ONE of the following words:


    Don’t’ have time to make a sign? Download one here.

  2. On Family Day (or any day before February 21), please head out to your favourite community space. Maybe it’s the site of your in motion project, your community welcome sign or a park, school yard or playground.

  3. Make a 5-second (or less) video of you doing something active while holding up your signs. Twirl, jump, throw a snowball, slide down a hill, do a jumping jack – you get the picture! Make sure you reveal your signs one at a time.

    Feel free to include a friend or family members, but please stay safe by following current COVID guidelines.

  4. Upload as many videos as you like by February 21. Just follow this link and then:
    • click the “ADD FILES” button
    • select “Files from computer”
    • browse to the video you want to share

      We’ll mash it all up into a single video we’ll share at our celebration and on social media.