Community Action Toolkit

Our Community Action Toolkit contains the infosheets and worksheets you’ll need to complete the Community Action Workbook. Browse through the flipbook or download and print just the pages you need. 

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INFOSHEET: Community Toolkit Contents

INFOSHEET: Community Action Model


Getting started

INFOSHEET: Community Action Team Recruitment Tips

INFOSHEET: Community Action Team Recruitment Benefit Statements

INFOSHEET: Community Action Team Recruitment Presentation

WORKSHEET: Creating a Vision Statement


Step 1 Understanding your community

INFOSHEET: Where to Find Demographic Information

INFOSHEET: Focus Group Hosting Guide

WORKSHEET: Interview Guide

INFOSHEET: Using Surveys/Survey Monkey

WORKSHEET: General Survey

WORKSHEET: Program Interest Survey

INFOSHEET: How to Lead a Community Walkabout

WORKSHEET: Walkability Checklist


Step 2 Moving Together Symposium

INFOSHEET: Moving Together Symposium Coordinator Job Description

WORKSHEET: Event Timeline

WORKSHEET: Facility and Equipment List

WORKSHEET: Committee Checklists

WORKSHEET: Menu Planning and Refreshment List

INFOSHEET: Sample Registration Form

INFOSHEET: Making it Memorable

INFOSHEET: Sample Invitation Letters

INFOSHEET: Media Outreach

INFOSHEET: Using Social Media

INFOSHEET: Sample Save the Date Mail Out

INFOSHEET: Sample Poster

INFOSHEET: Sample Newspaper/Newsletter Articles

INFOSHEET: Sample Evaluation Form

INFOSHEET: Sample Follow up Letters


Step 3 Action Plan

WORKSHEET: Setting Objectives

WORKSHEET: Additional Workplan Sheets


Step 4 Implementation

WORKSHEET: Reporting Template

INFOSHEET: Great Ideas for Celebrations


Step 5 Evaluation

WORKSHEET: Program/Event Evaluation Form

WORKSHEET: Additional Objective Evaluation Forms

WORKSHEET: How Do You Know If You Have Made A Difference?

WORKSHEET: Success Story Template

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