Tools & Resources

Walking to school is one of the easiest ways for kids to move every day. Sadly, only 28% of Canadian kids use active travel to get to school. Download these tools to help your family, school or community do its part to help make walking to school safer and easier.


Walking buddy flyer
The truth about walking and biking to school
Walking bingo card
Winter walking bingo card
re:activity Walk to school reward chart
re:activity Neighborhood walkability checklist

Educators & communities

School travel plan newsletter articles
Risk Management and Active School Travel​
Active and Safe Routes to School - Cycling Resource Manual
STP 101
STP Print Ad

STP Teams

Start-up tools
School profile form
Sample project launch parent letter
STP media backgrounder
STP infographic
Data collection tools
Classroom hands-up survey
Baseline family survey
Traffic/pedestrian/cyclist count instructions & checklist

CAA School Safety Patrol

The CAA School Safety Patrol program helps students learn more about pedestrian and traffic safety. To register your elementary school, or for further details, visit