Moving Your Family More

After their re:activity experience, Scott and Lora Bansley have some advice for other parents who want to get their families moving more.

  1. Make it family affair – Include the whole family in the discussion. Scott Bansley says the fact that he and Lora didn’t impose the changes on their girls helped make them more successful. Quinn, Chloe and Claira had a say in the screen time and physical activity changes the family introduced.
  2. Draft a policy – Draft a family physical activity policy like this one, have everyone sign it and hang it up where you can see it often. The Bansleys hung their policy in their family room.
  3. Stick to your guns – “Resistance is natural,” says Lora Bansley. The girls weren’t always happy about some of the changes we asked them to make. Scott and Lora stuck to their guns and the resistance faded. Consistency is important. Set the rules and enforce them.
  4. Little things add up – Scott and Lora found that small changes – parking in the farthest corner of the lot or using the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator – made a big difference. It doesn’t always take sweeping change to get your family moving more.
  5. Cut screen time – The Bansleys found this change easiest of all. Lora says that setting and enforcing screen time limits makes it easier to get the kids moving. The trick is to make sure you provide fun, active alternatives.

And a bonus tip from us...

Wear pedometers – The pedometers we provided were essential to the Bansleys’ success. If you’re just getting started, wearing a pedometer will help you understand your numbers. Once you get going, the pedometers help you track your progress. Some days, the pedometers motivated the Bansley girls to be extra active at recess so they’d get their daily steps in. If your kids are competitive, the pedometers might be just the motivation they need.

Download our screen time and physical activity tracking sheet.