Activate Your Family Step by Step

Saskatchewan in motion worked with the Bansley family over a 10-week period. We issued challenges and provided tips, tools and ideas to help this family of five slash screen time and increase physical activity. Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting your family moving more too. As Lora Bansleys says, her family is “living proof that it can be done.”
Know your numbers – It all starts with getting a good handle on your daily screen time and physical activity numbers. Without making any changes, track each family member’s screen time and physical activity for two weeks. How do you stack up against Canada’s national guidelines?

Set some goals – The Bansleys say that having their family goals on paper was important to their success. Sit down as a family to talk about the kind of family life you want and set some goals. Document the results with a family vision board and family physical activity policy.

Reduce screen time – Scott Bansley advises parents to start by getting screen time under control.

Make it a challenge – It took the challenges we issued to get the Bansley girls moving more. Get the ball rolling in your house by taking one of the same challenges we put to Claira, Chloe and Quinn.

  • Try the On Your Own Challenge.
  • Try the re:activity Skill Challenge.

Build it in – The Bansley girls made the biggest gains when they started walking home from school. “We noticed a big difference with the walking from school,” says Lora Bansley. “The days that they did that the pedometers showed it.” Think about this and other ways to build physical activity into your daily routine.

  • Get Scott Bansleys’ tips for making spare time active time.
  • Watch Marnie Sinclair’s advice about walking to school.
  • Learn how to address some of the most common concerns about walking to school.
  • Download our Neighbourhood Walkability Checklist.

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