Building In Physical Activity

Families spend a lot of time waiting. Instead of sitting around, the Bansleys have decided to use those times to squeeze in some active family fun. Here are Scott and Lora Bansley’s tips for building physical activity into spare moments in your day.
Be prepared – Scott now makes it a habit to keep physical activity gear in his van. When the family has a spare moment (e.g. waiting for an activity to start) they play catch or kick a soccer ball. Here’s what Scott keeps at the

  • frisbee
  • soccer ball
  • ball gloves and softball

Don’t stand by – A busy schedule often finds three or four Bansleys sitting on the sidelines while one of the girls plays or practices. Scott takes the opportunity to toss the frisbee or kick a soccer ball with his daughters. He says he’s noticed that it seems more acceptable to do something on the sidelines at a soccer game than at the rink, but don’t let that deter you.

Lora’s answer: walking up and down the stands at the arena while waiting for the action to start.

Consider your options – There are a million ways to build physical activity into those spare minutes in your day. Here are some things to try:

  • Play on the playground while you wait for older kids to get out of school.
  • If you must drive your kids to school, let them play on the playground instead of waiting in the car for the bell to ring.
  • Walk around the soccer or football field during a practice or game. Trust us; you’ll still see the action!
  • Kids often need to arrive up to an hour before a game. Use that time to go for a walk, run or bike ride. Want to visit? Invite another parent to come along.

How do you take advantage of those spare moments in life? Tell us in the comments below or visit our Families in motion Facebook page to tell us what you’d add to this list.