Screen Time Advice

Thinking about reducing screen time? Holly and James Gustafson have some advice for you.

  • Set some rules and stick to your guns. Holly and James kept it simple by cutting out all screen time during the week.
  • Remove the TV from the main living space, so you're not tempted to use it as background noise. Make sure you're still able to monitor your kids' screen time.
  • Fill the void. Have a plan for replacing screen time with other activities. Holly and James take their kids to the park, take walks and go geocaching. When it's cold outside, they play Pyjama Olympics.
  • Walk the talk. Make sure your follow the same rules you set for your kids.
  • Be prepared. Make sure you have some fun alternatives on hand. Think about how you'll deal with cheating and whining. Will the rules apply during play dates? The Gustafsons say "yes!"