Turn it off and take it outside

Our kids spend an average of only 6 minutes in nature each day, but accumulate more than 7 hours of screen time. There’s a growing body of evidence that getting kids outside is more important than ever. 

in motion RadioThe Wildness for Well'Being' series
The Wildness for Well'Being' series is a podcast produced by Saskatchewan in motion in partnership with the Wildness for Well'Being' group.

Episode 1 - Making the case for nature
Lori Milligan of Regina Public Schools, Nick Forsberg of the University of Regina, and Lacey Weekes of Nature Saskatchewan join us to talk about kids and nature:

  • why they need it
  • why they're not getting it
  • what we can do to get more kids active outdoors

They chat about:

  • the growing gap between kids and nature
  • how we all benefit when kids spend time outdoors
  • what schools, communities and families can do to make a difference
  • how organizations like Nature Saskatchewan and the Regina Board of Education can help

We also discuss Brett & Kate McKay's post: How to Get Your Kids to Love Nature (Even if You Live in the Burbs) and the idea that nature is all around us (and it's free). 

Listen now or download it for later.

Wildness for Well'Being' is a group of leaders with a passion for getting Saskatchewan people outdoors more often. Volunteers from education, sport, recreation and parks work together to identify and deliver projects that inspire the rest of us to make it easier for kids to spend time in self-directed outdoor play.