Congratulations to the 2018 class of Sit Disturbers - Saskatchewan women who work and volunteer so that our kids can move!

Laurie Basky – Esterhazy

For 43 years, she has been the driving force of Esterhazy’s Youth Bowling Program and has helped thousands of kids learn a sport that will stay with many for life.

Elena Brand – Lloydminster

For her instrumental role in spearheading Lloydminster schools’ initiatives around physical activity, we are recognizing her leadership and dedication in promoting physical activity for kids and youth!

Mel Brockman – Saskatoon

Her commitment, expertise and dedication has given her the opportunity to mentor university women, coach young ringette players, ensure the sport she loves continues to grow, and provide an excellent foundation for a life-long love of activity for many girls.

Ashley Burnay – Assiniboia

As a result of her persistence in promoting fitness and health, she has started classes of all kinds for all ages, volunteers at all of Assiniboia in motion’s events, sits on their board, and is offering innovative ideas for increasing residents’ activity levels.

Val Choo-Foo – Swift Current

As a city employee and mom of 3, she organizes events (e.g., Active Day, Tots Play, Bike Safety, Get Fit Be Fit, Family Fitness Week, and more) and ensures that kids, youth and families   in her community are always active and moving!

Corinna Dahl-Ritco – Craven/Lumsden

An inspiring leader within her school and community, Corinna is being commended for her embodiment of a leader who cares deeply about connecting youth with nature and making movement a critical part of learning and every day!

Ashley Edmison – Saskatoon

As the coordinator of Saskatoon Mini Rugby, she provides a great quality and positive experience for kids to move and have fun doing so.

Dr. Marta Erlandson – Saskatoon

Through her work with the CHAMPS program, she provides opportunities for children who have had heart surgery to be active.

Dr. Leah Ferguson – Saskatoon

We are celebrating her commitment, dedication and leadership in providing Indigenous children opportunities to be physically active through the Indigenous Mentorship Program!

Nicole Ferguson – Yorkton

In her work and volunteerism, she consistently promotes the benefits of active play and physical activity!

Christine Gagné – Saskatoon

Her work as an early childhood educator and Project Coordinator for Healthy Start/Départ Santé and passion for getting kids moving and having fun at childcare makes is to be recognized!

Peggi-Lynn Gatin – Prince Albert

Peggi-Lynn has been a strong in motion champion for years! Her leadership is appreciated in her community, her health region and province wide. Peggi-Lynn is currently serving on the Active Saskatchewan Board of Directors.

Deborah Gibson-Dingwall – La Ronge

As a university (Northlands College) instructor, Deborah has been commended as a valuable mentor to students and colleagues by sharing teaching materials and ideas, as well as encouraging active living both in and outside the classroom.

Randy Goulden – Yorkton

No matter which of her fabulous hats Randy is wearing she is a strong voice for physical activity in municipalities. She provides strong leadership on Yorkton City Council, SUMA, FCM and beyond Canadian borders. Randy currently serves on the Active Saskatchewan Board of Directors.

Dr. Nancy Gyurcsik – Saskatoon

Her attention to strategies and tools that adhere to physical activity, and making her academic research applicable to communities deserves to be recognized!

Sharlene Holliday – Regina

As a mom, an educator, a Zumba for Kids instructor, and a motivator for all ages, Sharlene is being celebrated for truly caring about keeping kids active and involved.

Kim Hornung – Bulyea

Her community appreciates her dedication and hard work in starting up a youth T-ball league in the small towns surrounding Bulyea and Silton, and appreciate the physical activity opportunities she is instrumental in providing.

Sheila Hryniuk – Yorkton

As a leader in her community, as well as a member of Yorkton’s Active Transportation Collaborative, she tirelessly promotes heathy active lifestyles!

Dr. Louise Humbert – Saskatoon

An inspiring leader within her school and community, Corinna is being commended for her embodiment of a leader who cares deeply about connecting youth with nature and making movement a critical part of learning and every day!

Cora Janzen – Saskatoon

She has dedicated her work and personal life to ensuring all residents of Saskatoon have a built environment that encourages an active lifestyle.

Kim Jones – Saskatoon

Through two key programs, the Physical Activity for Active Living Program and the Indigenous Swim Program (in partnership with Whitecap Dakota First Nation and Canadian Red Cross), she has given thousands of kids in the province the opportunity to be active in the water!

Chelsey Johnson – Yorkton

She has assisted smaller rural communities in hosting planning sessions to create physical activity opportunities that are easy to use, as well as facilitated School Travel Planning in surrounding communities. Thanks for your support in getting more kids, more active, more often!

Kaylee Kennedy – Saskatoon

She is being commended for her outstanding efforts in getting children in Saskatchewan active through participation in swimming lessons.

Nancy Lackie – Saskatoon

Her leadership and focus in the fields of fitness, recreation and health has aided in increasing physical activity levels of Saskatchewan’s citizens!

Tenille Lafontaine – Regina

Through her work as the host of the Mom2Mom podcast, her keen interest and kind demeanour inspires Sit Disturbers, as well as keeps listeners coming back to learn along with her.

Annette Lang – Regina

Her tremendous efforts to promote physical activity and plan meetings that are active and fun for her Girl Guide Spark Unit (ages 5 and 6) is commendable!

Jacqueline Lavallee – Saskatoon

She has dedicated her career to providing young girls, especially within the Indigenous community, the opportunity to develop life long physical activity and is a fantastic role model for these young women.

Gabrielle Lepage-Lavoie – Saskatoon

Working tirelessly for 10+ years with Healthy Start/Départ Santé, her colleagues and peers are celebrating her hard work and efforts in increasing physical activity for children in early learning environments.

Bernadette McIntyre – Regina

Currently a member of the Active Saskatchewan Board of Directors, Bernadette has a long professional and volunteer career providing endless opportunities for Saskatchewan kids to move by providing active environments or inspiring a new generation of curlers!

Karen McIver – Regina

She inspires kids to get outside every day and explore the world around them, and her colleagues and peers believe that her efforts in getting students moving and in nature should be celebrated.

Brenda Mitrov Werner – Regina

A true “Jane of all physical activity trades”, she ran an outdoor education program for many years, and is currently coaching high school track and field. She also encourages youth (including her kids) to be active, and makes all activities fun!

Chris Potter – Regina

Through her work with Saskatchewan Provincial Parks, as well as being a mom and active community member, she is being commended for promoting and providing physical activity opportunities.

Susan Plant – Lashburn

The staff and her community have been enriched by the wonderful learning environment she has developed, as well as the many programs and equipment she has brought, and commend her for making these initiatives a priority in their school.

Michelle Rondeau – Melville

As a leader at work and in her community, as well as being a member of Yorkton’s Active Transportation Collaborative, she continuously advocates for kids being active!

Lori Schuster – Regina

As an amazing mom and educator who knows the importance of physical activity, she does whatever she can to support movement in her school, family and community!

Marnie Sinclair – Regina

As a result of her 10+ years dedicated to the physical activity movement in Saskatchewan, Marnie has had an instrumental role in fostering and supporting changes that have created active environments for schools, communities and families.

Erica Stevenson – Saskatoon

As a result of the amazing work she has done in partnership with Northern and remote Indigenous communities to increase physical activity in childcare centres, Health Start/Départ Santé and these partnering communities agree that her efforts in improving overall health should be celebrated.

Larissa Swityk Conacher – Spiritwood

As an active mom (with her husband and 3 kids), Larissa also continues to provide her ongoing support and community work in getting kids active through many community sport clubs, after school recreation programs, community garden, and rural Alphabet soup in motion programs!

Lisa Washington – Yorkton

As an advocate for physical activity, as well as being a member of Yorkton’s Active Transportation Collaborative, she implements programming in her community to get kids more active!

Michelle Weimer – Saskatoon

Her continued leadership in dance, particularly in the area of dance for special populations, has created numerous unique opportunities for children with cognitive and mobility challenges, and has allowed hundreds of children to experience the joy of movement through dance.

Jill Zahariuk – Assiniboia

Her peers are grateful for her devotion and dedication in providing health, wellness and physical activity opportunities to her community!

Janna Zalinko – Assiniboia

She is a valued member of her community, and many believe that her efforts in promoting healthy active living (i.e., through her participation in Assiniboia’s in motion committee, safe travel plan, marathons, and more) deserves recognition.