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Inspiring kids and families to move in Wilkie

Wilkie began the Community Action Process in 2017.  Two years later, they're making progress on their local plans to get kids moving more. 

"The process allows you to stick with a project to make sure that it happens. The process teaches you perserverence, but still gives you leeway to move onto another project if one no longer is appropriate for your community."  - Charlotte Hartter, Wilkie in motion

What we've been up to:

  • Recently revived the Moms and Tots indoor playtime program (available twice a week), which was started by one of the moms who wanted to stay active and social over the winter. 
  • A group of parents started a Sunday afternoon recreational floor hockey program for kids at a local gym. The gym owner was very happy to help by providing their facility. 

To learn more about physical activity in Wilkie and the plan community leaders and residents developed to get local kids moving more, read their Community Profile

What's next?

  • Reviewing and evaluating the community wide registration process.
  • Planning to have a Learn to Skate program in Fall 2020
  • Investigating options for a Learn to Play Lacrosse program in 2020

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